Conviction Check Request

Please do not submit duplicate requests! Once a request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming your submission.

  • Questions about status? Email; include “Conviction check” in the subject line.
  • Need to make changes to a previously submitted request? Send via email. Do not submit another request.

Ensure that conviction check requests are accurate and filled out completely! This will help avoid problems that could impact processing.

  • Formal last name must be correct in order for candidates to complete their consent/application.
  • Email addresses must be complete and accurate, or candidates will not receive an email from TrueScreen.

Do not proceed with hire until you receive an email confirmation of a complete conviction check.


University Policy 4060 outlines the requirements for conviction and driving checks.

See the Conviction Check Process web page for:

  • Tips for viewing conviction and driving check information in Banner and determining whether a check on file is valid
  • Directions for completing the request form
  • Details of the conviction check process and FAQs
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